How Art for Redemption® Helps Inmates and the Community

How Art for Redemption® Helps Inmates and the Community

Prison rehabilitation programs like Art for Redemption® helps inmates and the community by reducing recidivism rates and be incredibly more effective than punishment. At Art for Redemption®, we didn’t just create a program that will help inmates, but it will also benefit their families and communities.  When inmates are given the chance to express their creativity, make an income, and make connections in the art community, they are more likely to become contributing members of their community when they are released. When the cycle is broken and inmates don’t return to prison a second, third, or fourth time, not only do they have a chance for a better life, but it actually saves our community money. After all, running a prison is expensive.  In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of rehabilitation programs like Art for Redemption®. Continue reading to learn more and if you would like to learn more about our art rehabilitation program, read about our future, and learn how to submit a loved one’s artwork to our Call for Art

Art for Redemption Helps Inmates and the Community

How Art for Redemption® Helps Inmates and the Community : Create Connections in the Art Community

A huge advantage of the Art for Redemption® program is that it enables inmates to make connections in the art community. One of the main reasons for recidivism is because former inmates cannot find employment when they are released, but this program allows inmates to make connections while they are in prison that may later lead to job opportunities. 

How Art for Redemption® Helps Inmates and the Community : Make a Sustainable Income

If we really want to break the cycle and see former inmates become a part of the community when they are released, they need to have a way to make an income. Art for Redemption® allows them to sell their artwork so that they can have money for the things that they need in prison, to pay child support, or for restitution or fines. 

Pay Restitution/Fines

If prisoners do not have a way to make a sufficient amount of money while they are behind bars, how are they expected to have enough money to pay their fines and restitution? Art for Redemption® allows inmates to sell their artwork that they produce. Many inmates choose to use that money to catch up on any fines or restitution that they owe.

Pay Child Support

While an inmate is in prison, they are not typically able to have a steady flow of income to pay child support. Everyone should have the opportunity to provide for their children and give them a better life, and Art for Redemption® allows inmates that opportunity. 

Save for their Release

Part of the cycle that keeps former inmates coming back to prison is because when they get out there are no viable jobs or housing opportunities. When an inmate can sell their artwork while they are in prison, they can save so that they have some money set aside for when they are released. Our prison system often requires people to start over with little to nothing to their names, but Art for Redemption® helps inmates to be able to support themselves when they are released. 

How Art for Redemption® Helps Inmates and the Community : Lowers Recidivism Rates

Prison rehabilitation programs have been shown to lower recidivism rates. Programs like Art for Redemption® can actually help people stay out of jail and keep to a straight path by providing them with a creative, educational outlet that provides them with income and connects them to their community. 

Breaks the Cycle

Rehabilitation programs will help break the cycle of inmates returning to prison. Art for Redemption® can help keep former prisoners from reoffending. 

Saves Money

If we want to get right down to the bottom line — prisons cost us money. In Colorado, it costs about $39,000 per year for each person that is incarcerated. When we introduce rehabilitation programs like Art for Redemption® the recidivism rate lowers and we save money. 

How Art for Redemption® Helps Inmates and the Community: Improves Mental Health

Participating in creative activities such as drawing, painting, and creating other artwork has been shown to improve mental health. Art can help people communicate experiences, traumas, and other feelings that they have a hard time putting into words. Not only do you feel better almost immediately after you create a piece of art, but the process can be rewarding as well.  There has even been some proof that art may help an individual recreate and maintain a positive identity. By allowing prisoners to participate in an art program, we are helping them to heal and become well-adjusted adults that can positively contribute to society. 

Support Art for Redemption®

We hope that after reading this article that you understand just how important prison rehabilitation programs like Art for Redemption® can be, not just for inmates, but also for their communities. If you have a loved one that is currently in prison or a halfway house and has artistic skills, learn more about our Call for Art and download an application today. Be on the lookout for the launch of our Art for Redemption® online marketplace for prison art coming soon. 
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