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Art for Redemption

Incarcerated artist X Art for Redemption | Collaboration Special Windbreaker

Incarcerated artist X Art for Redemption | Collaboration Special Windbreaker

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A unique windbreaker created in collaboration with an incarcerated artist. This high-quality and super comfy windbreaker will make you STAND OUT from the crowd and STAND UP for justice anywhere you go. The meshed interior offers warmth and comfort, whether you are on your way to the gym or need an easy put-on, but yet original outfit for tonight’s grocery shopping—an everyday outfit with an extraordinary mission: to reform the criminal justice system.

Be the trendy difference maker!

Get the full outfit by adding the matching track pants!

⚖ Description

The original art pieces featured on this special edition are one-of-a-kind, drawn by artists incarcerated in Colorado and Washington. “Purple Skull Fever” is originally pens on linen (prison bedsheet) and “B&W Chaos” is a pencil drawing on paper that our designer turned into these unique outfits. We’re not just entrepreneurs – we are designers, art passionate and have done time inside or alongside our loved one. The incarcerated artists receive a 10% royalty for each sale, which allows them to stay in touch with their families without going into debts, afford something special for them during this holiday season, get ahead of societal debts and save up for their release to break the circle of recidivism.

✎ Product Details

• 100% polyester
• Meshed inside
• Machine washable
• Cropped fit on women’s model
• Zipped pockets on men’s model
• Unzipped pockets on women’s model
• Runs true to size
• Packaging made out of 100% recycled plastic

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A collaboration inside out

Our designer let herself be inspired by the artist’s color scheme to create this one-of-a-kind windbreaker. Mixing the original art, customs brushes and careful placement, this outfit is an extraordinary collaboration between the talent of artists from prison and socially engaged designers: To be good inside and swaggy outside. 

You will not find this custom piece anywhere else!

The artist receives a 10% royalty for each sale.

Staying in touch with his family can cost up to $500 a month just for phone calls. Once released, the years spent inside disconnected from reality, with no savings and being labeled as a felon constituted the greatest obstacles which lead to a current recidivism rate of above 75% in the US. The proceeds earned by the artist’s through our marketplace can change this narrative for the better of the individual, his family and society as a whole.