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Russell Mottice

"Falling" - Russell Mottice

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Currently incarcerated in Ohio.

"Art is a life long hobby of mine. It is also a true means of expression."

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9" x 12" | Pencil on paper

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My name is Russell Mottice. I am currently serving a 5 years prison sentence due to decisions made to ultimately serve my life-long drug addiction. Iā€™m paying my debt to society and earnestly trying to better myself for my kids and myself. Art is a life long hobby of mine. It is also a true means of expression. Many times a picture conveys much more than any of my words. It is also a way to connect to my children. Drawing for them lets me express and share my love, in a situation where those expressions are very difficult. I truly value and cherish art, especially drawing and tattoos, and Iā€™m happy to see someone trying to show the world inmayes have potential too. .

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