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Roy Lara / Alexis Diamond

"Family is everything" - Roy Lara / Ms. Alexis Diamond

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Currently incarcerated in Colorado

"This piece represents family. The guy with a half of a face is of who I used to be as a person, the lion represents the protector of the family, the little boy represents my son who recently passed away, and the female is the virgin Mary who is praying and watching over all families."

🎨 Description

9" x 9" | Pano - pen on fabric

🖋 Artist's bio

The name I was born with Roy Cara. However, as a transgender female, I prefer Ms. Alexis Diamond. I began drawing around the age of 5 years or 6 years old. After my mother passed away, I needed something to express my emotions that I was feeling. It did help, then my father committed suicide, being young, drawing became my outlet. I have driven myself deeper into the art of expression, because there are a lot of kids and adults who do not have such an outlet. I hope that my art gives a voice to those whom feel silenced..

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