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Jonathan A. Dean

"Family" - Jonathan A. Dean

"Family" - Jonathan A. Dean

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"Lots of love to the people who see more than “a book’s cover”. It gives us hope because there are many good people behind bars for petty drug offenses..."

⚖ Description

The artist is currently incarcerated in Virginia. He specializes in black & white drawings.

All original artworks are created by artists previously or currently incarcerated. They use whichever materials they have access to, and prove creative ingenuity beyond the norm. These original paintings and drawings are born in the heart of a prison cell, from the hands of an outsider artist to adorn the walls of your space. Each art piece is a one-of-a-kind that not only enhances your interior but also makes you actively participate in reforming the prison and criminal justice system.

The incarcerated artist receives 50% of the sales proceeds. The artists set their own prices based on the costs of materials (it can vary greatly from one facility to another), the time spent on the piece, their experience, and simply - what they think it’s worth. Alongside with offering a financial outlet, we aim to empower their confidence and reinstitute their status as human beings - not a number behind bars. For most, art is an escape, a path to self-discovery and healing. Through art, they can reconnect with society so the gap is not so unbridgeable when they get out. Through the sales, they can stay connected with their families, afford daily commissary items, pay societal debts, relieve the economic burden on their loved ones, and save up for the release date. So they have the financial means to get ahead of reinsertion and get a fair chance at that second chance.

✎ Product Details

8" x 10" | Pencil on paper

✑ Artist's bio

My name is Jonathan Dean. I’m a resident at the Indian Creek Correctional Center in Virginia, currently serving a three year sentence for possession of narcotics. I have been here for more than two years, and I have under a year left on my sentence. Normally, I’m running around on my motorcycles and dirt bikes. Fishing, hunting, camping, anything outdoors is where you’ll find me. I grew up on a farm with a small family-owned electrical business in Harrisonburg, VA. I love all forms of art. Art can send joy and emotions to people, as well as reciprocate it with the artist during and after the project. My sister is the one in this picture I drew. She also sent me a years worth of Inkd Magazine, which is where I found Prison Art LLC and Art for Redemption. Her birthday is February 14th, so I thought it would be neat for her to see this. I have been using pencil as my medium for drawing. Just recently I have started tattooing people; I have 20 tattoos under my belt and I am very pleased with the outcome. Yet, I still have so much to learn. I have the potential to be a great tattoo artist, and as soon as I get a CD player motor out of my hands and purchase a rotary gun, autoclave, and throw-away heads, life will be a great deal better. Prison (tattoo) guns and the process is totally barbaric. Still, I take the time to be as clean as possible and produce quality work with a single needle. So here’s my rough draft art piece. I wanted to show the negative shading ability that ink gives; here is just a normal Bic pen ink, 89 cents in our commissary store. I only wish I had more time to really show off my talent. Anyways, something is better than nothing. Lots of love to the people who see more than “a book’s cover”. It gives us hope because there are many good people behind bars for petty drug offenses….

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