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Joseph Yasurek

"Introspection of an incarcerated parent"

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Currently incarcerated in Florida.

"Many inmates have a hard time reconciling the damage done to their children. This is how I myself see me. Many other incarcerated parents have a similar view of themselves. Through art and the suport of many around me I am working to change these views and hope to help others as well."

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11" x 15" | Acrylic on cardboard

🖋 Artist's bio

I have 20 years, plus or minus, depending on gain time, left of a 25-year sentence. I am a father of three boys and one girl. What art means to me is a chance to connect with my children and let them know I am thinking of them. It also helps me to mentally be free for a while. When I am drawing my time goes much faster. Art also gives me a job while I am down. I paint murals for the compound with a team of four or five other guys. I look at my time behind bars as a chance to hone my skills for my future when I get out. I plan to continue drawing and painting for myself, my family, my friends, and my future. .

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