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Gabriel Castillo

"Life inside, life outside" - Gabriel Castillo

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Currently incarcerated in California

"Art is always an evolution of possibilities." 3h>

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8.75" x 12" | Pen on paper

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I am a musician first / music student producer. An artist 2nd. Playing my guitar inside these walls only gets me so far. So when I begin to draw & sketch, things out or conceived different ideas with the only techniques I know. I feel a sense of accomplishment & a different form of creativity. Trying to draw in pen has been a challenge for me that I wish to overcome & refine as I do with music. On another level, art has led me to building a career of tattooing. I don’t really believe that you can compare & contrast my drawings vs. tattoos I have done in here. However, in both fields I enjoy learning pushing myself, dare to finish a piece that I have started. Even if it takes me a week of staring & stopping. Where other artists are able to finish in a few hours. Art is always an evolution of possibilities. .

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