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Shannon R. Bradley

"The Crux of Humanity" - Shannon R. Bradley aka "Reigne Beaux"

"The Crux of Humanity" - Shannon R. Bradley aka "Reigne Beaux"

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Currently incarcerated in Florida.

"Next time, don’t blink away from the exhibit that just might change your entire perspective. Art is life, and we all must learn to live a little more."

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Various - 5" x 6" or smaller | Pen on paper

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Paintings, brand logos, street murals; myriads of art forms accost us on a daily basis. This persistent bombardment of sensations produces a blase effect on society. Incarceration’s given me a deeper appreciation of art. It’s caused me to pause and consider what “art” actually means. I’ve unveiled the realization: we as a species have been meandering through our short existences unconsciously, missing miraculous opportunities for connection, expression, and reprieve. This plethora of wonderfully crafted eye candy is much more than a simple optical feast. Visual art is the very apex of the entire human experience. During this tumultuous time; the pandemic coupled with disparaging of minorities, connections vital to our well-being, visual art is the medium keeping us together amid chaos. Art does this by transcending race and distance. No matter who or where we are, a simple picture can eradicate our differences. Skin color’s moot when observing an emotion-evoking sculpture. Distance becomes obsolete while receiving works of art from your niece saying, “keep smiling”. While behind bars, quarantining at home, or viewing “R.I.P.” murals on TV, there’s no doubt, Art’s a necessary method of connection we must utilize in life. Visual art, above all else, is an effective means of expression. Throughout our lives, and in prison especially, we’re taught to suppress emotions, to avoid showing, “weakness”. Art’s a healthy mode of expressing oneself. Instead of turning to drugs, or impulsive, sometimes illegal behaviors to unleash pent-up emotions, we let them flow out through the pen. Negative emotions channeled through art convey to viewers, “you are not flawed for possessing those feelings society pushes back down inside of us”. Likewise, positive emotions can be transferred also. I began #ProjectLiquidLight in which I mail inspirational drawings to be distributed among communities. Both uplifting and relatable, art continuously allows the unseen dimensions of our existence to flourish. A valuable gift art bestows upon us is the ability to gain a momentary reprieve. Arguments and locked doors can be everywhere. Yet, we can still turn inward, letting our minds drift to another world. Hours pass us by. Precious, stress-free hours lovingly gifted to us by our most beloved, Art. Ceasing to engage in surrounding negativity, we are temporarily pardoned from the grueling demands of the physical reality we currently occupy. This gracious reprieve granted by creating and even viewing art masterpieces is a blessing in itself. Whether art is bridging a connection through the cosmos, aiding in the expression of the abstract, or supplying us with a much-needed reprieve from our mundane routines, it’s always harboring layers of deep meaning waiting to be uncovered. Every day we are presented with buffets of artwork to be digested. Every day we are faced with the option to walk by unfazed or stop and savor the delectable energy dispensed in each deliberate stroke. So, next time, don’t blink away from the exhibit that just might change your entire perspective. Art is life, and we all must learn to live a little more. .

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