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  • "Atra de parede verde" prison art original art Jason Sandefur
  • "Atra de parede verde" prison art original art Jason Sandefur
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Jason Sandefur

"Atra de parede verde"

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“A piece which represents unwritten prison code for ℅’s and inmates as well as the value of time and presence of archangel Michael and Gabriel"

🎨 Description

12" x 12" | Colored pencil, pen, markers, water, potato chip bags, P.I.A (prison industry authority labels) on folder paper

🖋 Artist's bio

My name is Jason Issac Sandefur. I am a 42 year old man finishing a 16 year prison sentence for an assault charge in 2010. As of these past few years, I’ve come upon some hard truths and reality. I could use help and assistance from any direction. I am willing to put forth effort and work. I am an excellent writer and drawer. I love to create art, custom greeting cards, custom envelopes, Celtic knot work, roses, prison themed pieces from dark to light. I work with what is available which is pencil and pen and some colored pencils. I enjoy and am good at letters (Olde English, Gothic, Majuscule, Celtic, custom calligraphy, etc.) I can do religious or political work upon individual request-reserving the right to refuse service respectfully. I am saving money for family’s security and future. I want to help younger men avoid the path that I have previously taken. I want my light to exceed my darkness. Humbly at your service, Jason Sandefur..

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