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Miguel Angel Venegas

"Our lady of the fifth sun"

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“During a ‘shakedown’ the guards took all my acrylic and oil paints. All I had left was no. 2 pencils. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the image I’ve drawn, painted, sculpted, carved, etc. most since about 8 or 9 years old. Here I portray her in from of the Aztec calendar, because I feel she came to put a stop to the human sacrifice being practiced by the Aztecs. According to the Aztecs there were 4 other creations or ‘suns’ before this final fifth sun/creation we are living in now. "

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15" x 20" | Graphite (No.02 Pencil) on Crescent Illus. Board

🖋 Artist's bio

I was born in El Paso Texas and raised in Cd. Juarez, Chih., Mexico. I got locked up while living in Laredo Texas at the age of 16 and am presently doing 30+ years of incarceration. I’ve been drawing and painting and have been artistically creative since I can remember but the effect of being locked up focus and therefore enhance my knowledge and abilities in everything that deals with art. I was introduced to acrylics in ‘92 by Alonzo, a Cuban arms dealer who got caught in Laredo and in ‘99 an old heroin addict by the name of Crespo tricked me into working with oils. He had tried to persuade me to paint with them, claiming it was easy. I thought I had to go to school to learn to paint with them. Coincidentally he was painting a Virgin of Guadalupe and told me he couldn’t paint a certain line and asked me to do it because his hand hurt. I told him I didn't want to ruin the painting since I didn't know how to paint with them and he urged me to try. I fell in love with oils! These were my teachers along with so many other prisoners from whom I learned a little technique or two, you can imagine all the arts forms I’ve seen in juvenile, county, state penitentiaries and even the state hospital: 30+ years of learning. The only formal art instruction I had was in high school which lasted a week and a half. I mouthed off to the teacher. It was about my assessment of her art skills which she didn’t like. She tried clowning me in front of the other students. Needless to say, I was expelled from that class. I am currently a unit artist at my unit and my canvases have been walls. I love doing mural work. But I also know how to work on wood, metal and leather. God willing you will be seeing some more of my creations through this outlet and whenever the craft shop opens and I am able to paint on more than just illustration boards with acrylics..

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