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Clifton Garrett Sherer

"Purple Feathers" - Clifton Garrett Sherer

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Currently incarcerated in California.

"This one is for you mom. Hope you like it. I love the colors, they're bright & compliment each other very well. A little more provocative than what I originally intended but it be like that sometimes lol All my love, Garrett."

🎨 Description

9" x 12" | Acrylic paint on watercolor paper

🖋 Artist's bio

For me art is an escape, a way to process my feelings & emotions. A way to express myself whether it’s with a charcoal stick or paintbrush or a tattoo machine. Whatever the medium may be, I pour my heart & soul into each piece I create. It’s also my escape from the reality of prison. When I’m working, I’m not here. I’m gone & usually at peace for a brief moment. This is my passion, what I love to do. Art keeps me sane, I think. I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid. Gave it up for a few years after high school then picked it back up in here. And it’s what all of my free time is spent doing. You can find more of my work @HeathenArt1349 on Instagram. I hope you enjoy what you see..

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