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Serge Alexander Tkachenko

"Impulse Control"

"Impulse Control"

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Previously incarcerated in Michigan.

 "The inspiration came from seeing other inmates watching fast food commercials on TV. The dogs unrestrained enthusiasm reminds me of that."

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Museum-quality giclée Epson matte paper

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I grew up around art and artists my whole life. That’s because my parents are both professional artist. Their professionalism and need to instruct, educate forced me to see the world the way they did. And put a lot of unnecessary pressure on my creative process. I was physically and emotionally abused, my creative process was forced, controlled and ridiculed. After a while, drawing and painting became a dreaded chore. Their good intentions ended up stifling, suffocating the delicate things like my spontaneity, creativity, imaginability and confidence. This is probably why, at around the age of 9 or 10 I rebelled, began to downplay my ability and eventually stopped any artistic expression all together. My life seemed much less complicated if I acted like the creative gene passed over my generation. Only after I was separated from my parents toxic, critical and negative influence by coming to prison did I start to uncover my true creative potential. I began to rediscover what immense value this ability to express myself artistically carried in my life. How crucial creativity was to the process of self-discovery, authentic self-expression, finding my truth. Art helped me to better converse with myself and others, to appreciate the beauty in the world around me. Ever since my awareness began to evolve. So did my love to seek and uncover my own personal authentic way to express myself. I am completely in love with the process of drawing, painting, sculpting, coming up with, sharing. My finest success in this search in my opinion is this animated, exaggerated, cartoony style. It is still new and undeveloped. I am diligently trying to become more confident in it. The characters in the painting you are looking at have developed, out of need to raise my spirits, or to simply put a smile on my face and others. I truly believe that everyone can use a smile nowadays, especially in prison..

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