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Daniel Malak

"Remix" - Daniel Malak

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Currently incarcerated in New York

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8" x 11" | Pencil

🖋 Artist's bio

From as early as I can remember there has been a creative spark inside of me. My beginning attempts in the arts often fell short and wound up unfinished. As with many aspects of my life, I struggled and just could not figure out how to put it all together. In the time since I have acquired insights that have allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. Today, in my late thirties, I am still a student of life and art. For the purpose of art, my tools are typically a pencil and eraser. In the last few years, I have taken up the challenge of learning to use watercolors. An aim with many of my works is to connect with the viewer on an emotional plane in pursuit of an unspoken aesthetic. Existing in a world behind a wall where one is easily ignored or overlooked, drawing has given me a voice. .

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