Checkr X Art for Redemption Silent Auction | Fair chances

Checkr X Art for Redemption Silent Auction | Fair chances

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Amongst those who face the hardest time getting a fair chance are individuals impacted by our justice system. In America, one in three adults has a criminal record and every year over 600,000 individuals return to their communities and the workforce after being incarcerated. Despite having done their time, these individuals must navigate formidable barriers when trying to re-build their lives, including the immense stigmatization in the labor market towards those with a record.
Art for Redemption and Checkr contribute to creating a path forward for these 600,000+ Americans by dismantling the systemic and cultural biases and barriers that stifle their ability to contribute to society. 
The Silent Auction hosted by Checkr and with artworks provided by Art for Redemption will run concurrently with the TEDx event by offering about 100 prison artworks throughout the day to the expected 5000 participants. An opportunity for AFR’s incarcerated artists to receive a real market value payment for their skills, boost their confidence and provide for their families while preparing for their release.

 April 28th, 2022 | 9:00am - 1:00pm PDT

TEDx Event | Silent Auction

* AFR contract terms & conditions apply. Proceeds from the art sales will be divided 50/50 between the Artist & Art for Redemption. 

* If the artwork do not sell at the auction, it will be put up for sale on our marketplace. 

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