Welcome, to the premier & largest online marketplace for fine art created by artists incarcerated across the US. For every purchase here, an industry-standard commission or royalty is returned directly to the artists & their families so they can stay in touch without going into debts and accumulate savings to prepare for the formidable obstacles faced when reintegrating into society. To get a fair chance at that second chance. 



Support your local incarcerated artists and contribute to reforming the system in your area. Each sale is adding weight to our campaign for prison reform across the US.


Hand-picked selection of artists that caught our curators eyes this month!

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Art for Redemption x Incarcerated Artist Streetwear Outfit Collab' 2022

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"I really respect your movement and love to be a part of something that will open doors for so much lost talent. There are so many great artists in here that their artistic expression is all they have left because they’re never going to have physical freedom again. "

- Thedore Blount, incarcerated in Florida.

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  • Mark Fleming | West Virginia

    "I’ve realized that my drawings have helped me fill this void that I was subconsciously trying to fill with my drug use for all those years. I have found a way to turn my destructive behavior into a constructive outlet for my visions."

  • Corey Dean Wagner | Colorado

    "[Art] is a place for me to be me. I don’t need to fit into a mold or be this person or that. I don’t have to be a jock. A rich kid or a pimp. A gangster or have mental health issues to be considered a cool kid.I get to be me, enjoy me, an island all alone where people seek me out for my value, the beauty of alone. Each depiction is a confession of how my mind works.

    As a rugged man, it's a chance to be beautiful despite what the exterior might say."

  • Charles Reed Walter | Washington

    "And while it kills me to be away from the world, away from my wife and family, and away from the tattoo industry on the whole, I’m going to return to all of those things as a stronger man, a better artist than I’ve ever been before. Which, I guess…in a strange sort of way, makes all this time worthwhile."

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