Coffee Table Art Book

Coffee Table Art Book

Our national art contest closed on May 2021, after receiving over 400 amazing art pieces. The 100 winners that will be featured in the book have been announced on August 5th, during the launch of our crowdfunding and reveal of our interactive mural in Denver's Rino District.

Art for Redemption coffee table book winners

In September, a milestone was achieved as we became officially the first for-profit company to be allowed to contract with incarcerated individuals. We are working on implementing this prison reform nationwide. The Coffee Table Book will be our ambassador for this cause. Colorado DOC Executive Director Dean Williams will write the forward to the book and is working on supportive letters as well, reflecting his belief in the mission here in Colorado to allow inmates to make money through Art for Redemption.

Unfortunately, we did not meet our goals with our crowdfunding but are still determined to self-publish this year. 

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Can’t wait for this book to be published. My grandsons art is featured in here.

Norma Walker

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