Collector Favorite: Bestselling incarcerated artists February 2023

Collector Favorite: Bestselling incarcerated artists February 2023

Art for Redemption Best Selling incarcerated artist February 2023 Brian Buginsky

Brian found his media of choice with graphite pencils. He works only in black and white and has a passion for portraits, whether it’s of music celebrities, athletes, or even dogs. He likes to gather his work under the umbrella of a series, his last one in date a series of “dog portraits on postcards” highlighting his favorite baseball team, the Yankees. Mastering his shading technic, the graphite spreads onto the paper to create realistic textures such as jeans, wood, or even fur. 

“Throughout my life, I’ve always found myself doodling on any paper that was in front of me. I’m guessing that was a coping measure during times of stress. Now it certainly is exactly that and more. Now it occupies empty time and hopefully, what I create brings happiness to others. Art is most certainly my form of redemption.”

See his available work here!

"American Made"

American Made





Art for Redemption Best Selling incarcerated artist February 2023 Allen Hudson

“Allen Hudson tends to a garden by day and enjoys bringing those creatures of nature inside our homes in unique colorful ways."

Colorful flower fields, rusty cards & UFOs, and singing birds make Allen’s universe. Bathed in warm summer sunshine, the peace and joy that comes out of his watercolors are surrealist. Allen observes nature and paints it in its most uneventful stage, like a silent observer of the nature around him. An extraordinary and delicate imagination originates from this artist incarcerated in Texas, who has for only sight from his prison cell: concrete walls, pavement, and bars. 

See his available work here.

"The Painter's Truck"

The painters truck

"Rusty Old truck at Sunrise"

rusy old truck at sunrise prison art

"The Cat on the Fence"

The cat on the fence prison watercolor painting

Art for Redemption Best Selling incarcerated artist February 2023 Christopher Nichols

His particularity? Christopher strictly utilizes linen made out of prison bedsheets for all his creations. His precise pen strokes bring to life skulls and bio-organic creatures, with always a third eye staring at the viewer, perhaps as a metaphor for the lack of privacy in prison. It’s a matching game of watching and being watched between the creation and the viewer. Who will drop sight first?

“I like to think outside of the box and do art that people can add their own meaning to or art they can just say WOW that’s cool.”

See his available work here.

"Bad Apple"

Bad Apple

"No Name"

no name prison art

"All Seeing Eye"

All seeying eye prison art

Art for Redemption Best Selling incarcerated artist February 2023 Clyde Lincoln

Clyde brings depth to his Chicano-style artwork by alternating foreground/background featuring his two favorite subjects: women and cars. I love drawing women and representing their beauty. And threw in [the artwork] a vehicle to represent movement when while lock up. I’m always gonna be moving.” Transcribing his emotions within his art is his key motivation: Pain, love, or heartbreak lettered in the background of his pencil drawings to explicit the reader of the feelings experienced at that moment.

See his available work here.

"Big Rose"

Big Rose prison art chicano


pain prison art


2020 prison art drawing

Art for Redemption Best Selling incarcerated artist February 2023 Rick Ragels

Although incarcerated in Colorado, Rick sources his inspiration from his “upbringing in small towns in Montana, Wyoming and the Dakota Black Hills”. With his clever use of earthy tones, he creates this nostalgic feeling of an era long gone, reminiscent of the good old days. Rick shares his vision of peaceful and untouched western vistas where wild animals roam free in between of “small-towns America”, where life seemed simpler and worry-free.

See his available work here

"Suburban Denver 1972"

Suburban Denver 1972 prison painting

"Ed's Place"

Ed's place prison art painting

"No Gas | Prints"

No Gas prison painting

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