Collector Favorite: Bestselling Artists January 2023

Collector Favorite: Bestselling Artists January 2023

Best Selling Emerging Incarcerated Artist Joseph Yasurek

Joseph Yasurek has been consigning art with us since 2020. He is a family man, devoted to showing his art to the world to help his family while he serves his sentence in Florida. 

It is hard to narrow down Joseph’s specialty, he is good at everything! Painting on canvas, on cardboard, collage, with coffee stains… Abstract or realistic, dark or joyful, his limits and skills are expandable. 

One thing Joseph transmits through all his work is emotion. The cute bugs on a lotus leaf will make you instantly smile while “Introspection of an incarcerated parent” will have your mind spiral into the questioning of mass incarceration by the US criminal justice system. 

"I am a father of 3 boys and one girl. What art means to me is a chance to connect with my children and let them know that I am thinking of them.  It also helps me to be mentally free for awhile. When I am drawing my time goes much faster."

See his available work here!

Best Selling Emerging Incarcerated Artist Allen Hudson

“Allen Hudson tends to a garden by day and enjoys bringing those creatures of nature inside our homes in unique colorful ways."

Allen Hudson is known for his small but colorful watercolor paintings set as a triptych or a postcard size image. Allen observes nature and portraits it in its most uneventful stage, observing without interfering, as if we were watching the daily day of the fauna & flora around us. His soft watercolors tell the story of the busy insects or idle flowers living amongst us. An extraordinary and delicate imagination for this artist incarcerated in Texas, who has only sight from his prison cell of concrete walls, pavement, and bars. Appreciating Allen’s fauna & flora will make you slow down to appreciate the nature around us that we tend to take for granted.

See his available work here.

Best Selling Emerging Incarcerated Artist Mario Rios

Inspired by classic cars, his Mexican culture, and his native Denver, CO, Mario captivates the viewer with bold acrylic colors on large canvas to polish his favorite classic low riders. Aiming for a realistic look thanks to close attention to detail, Mario’s paintings quickly catch the eye. Mario thinks of his oeuvres as a dynamic piece and Mario doesn’t let the only canvas size available in the colorado prison he is incarcerated in be a limitation. Rather, he will organize his vision on a diptych board or even transform these limitations into a dynamic piece that reached millions of viewers on social media

“I strive every day to live the rest of my life without violence and to live with the purpose to help others live a better life in and when they get out of prison. I will live in honor of the life that I took.”

See his available work here.

Best Selling Emerging Incarcerated Artist Kit Brixton

Kit Brixton is an author and artist with a punk political style. “I’m a queer creative searching for self-actualization beyond prison through music, art, zines, comix, and more."

Kit captures the language of self-expression and emotion through message-driven and natural tones mixed media creations. Kit utilizes art in a conceptual way whether with acrylic paint or original collages. 

See his available work here.

Best Selling Emerging Incarcerated Artist Jason Brown

Incarcerated in Indiana, Jason re-creates the vibrant world of new school tattoos, skulls and comics through the heart of his prison cell. His colorful and precise drawings make the perfect T-Shirts designs which has been highly demanded. 

“I’ve been drawing since I was in 3rd grade and I’ll keep learning till the end. Art is truly never mastered and if you believe it can be; you already limited yourself. I just want to be able to share my artwork with the world once again.”

See his available work here

Check out his Facebook here.

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