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Manuel Jerez

"Adam & Eve & The Tempter" - Manuel Jerez

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Currently incarcerated in Colorado

"This piece of art shows the sorrow & realization of Adam & Eve disobeying god… & Eve handing the apple to Adam who is broken in pieces by Eve… And shows how the serpent is wrapped tightly to Eve’s hand conquering her decision, the serpent is going in & out of Adam also…"

🎨 Description

9" x 7.5" | Pen on card stock paper

🖋 Artist's bio

My art name is By: TEO which means (BY: God)… All my Art is 100% original, always pen or pencil. Many of my art has been requested to be put on clothing… I do take custom requests for my art from people and hope to some day donate my time and $ to art foundations that helps kids in needs. .

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@madness mindss of Art by Jerez Teto

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