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Jimmy Gutierrez

"All of my relations" - Jimmy Gutierrez

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Currently incarcerated in Colorado.

"This is a poetic revealing towards connection on Earth. I express my emotions through my brush strokes that have strong and soft edges that relate towards my relationship as I live. Finding a commonality among our relatives of creation gives way to humility. Helps us understand even the smallest life form matters us. The power of natural forces that define our value; gratitude. Allows us to search for our positions, responsibilities, a path for life to be fruitful and there is beauty in the eye that beholds its love.

Technic used: Direct painting – Full rendering by using shape relation to measure and depth perspectives."

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40"x 50" | Acrylic on canvas

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Born in Denver, Colorado Him/He/His Native American : Lakota / Hispanic Reborn artist 2008: 13 years Apprentice under Jousha while enrolled at Colorado Mountain College. Favorite artist: Andrea S. Zorn, John Singer Sargent, Frank Frazetta, Richard Schmidt..

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