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Adam Stark

"Garden of the Gods" - Adam Stark

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Currently incarcerated in Colorado.

Garden of the Gods is photographed by Mindy Sink for "Special to the Denver Post" article "Take a hike", Denver Post, Saturday November 21st 2020. 

🎨 Description

9" x 12" | Watercolors on 90lb cold press paper

🖋 Artist's bio

I like to think that I’m an all-around creative person. I draw and paint. I carve and sculpt. I write and create new worlds. With all media, I like to tell a story. In my artwork, I tell stories in the drawings. I paint pictures with words or try to. In all of the years that I’ve been making my art, I’ve almost always had great inspiration and every piece has a purpose. That’s what truly counts when making art. I also like to think that I make good art, but that’s not really up to me. As far as the entirety of the art that I’m submitting, they all represent something that is very important to anyone in the prison system; something we need, something we strive for, and something that we hope to gain. .

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