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Ashlyn Carothers

"My people" - Ashlyn Carothers

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Currently incarcerated in Florida.

My native people and my language."

🎨 Description

13.5" x 8.5" | Pencil on paper

🖋 Artist's bio

My name is Ashlyn but I was dubbed “Pookie” when I was about 18. I am Cherokee Native American and very proud of it. I try to represent my tribe any time I can. A lot of it shows in my drawings. Music is my life saver. Any and everything, as long as it sounds good to me I’m jamming. Music can put you in a good mood and that’s how I like to be. I love laughing and smiling. It definitely helps in prison. It’s my sanity. All I gotta do is put on some good tunes and start drawing and I’m Gucci. My place to be is outside. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as I can feel the weather on my skin it’s a great day. I used to sit on the truck bed and watch the clouds roll by and be at peace. My favorite place to be is riding in the woods. That is the best piece of freedom anyone can have. I turn off my phone and get lost in the trees. I feel as if I left the world and went to a place made for me. I am very outspoken. Sometimes it gets me in trouble but you only get to live once so why not keep it 100 percent real? Even if it’s not nice, what’s that saying? “Truth hurts”. The only thing I have felt I was good at is drawing. I have been drawing since I can remember. All through school, every paper I turned in had some type of doodle on it. Sometimes there were more doodles than answers. I have A.D.D so I have to keep my hands busy or I get antsy and want to roam around. Drawing is perfect for me because I get so lost in the paper that hours go by and I will still be sitting in the same spot with a dent in my finger from holding a death grip on the pencil. My mind forgets about everything around me and I drift into the paper where I am the creator. My rules. No one can tell me anything. I definitely need that type of escape from these walls. Sometimes it can feel as if they are closing in around me but as soon as I put the pencil to the paper, everything fades away. All the bad, negative and stressfulness of the day melts away. It feels as if the paper soaks up more than just the lead. It’s a refreshing release, a breath of fresh air. Drawing is my sanity. Art to me is freedom. It’s a way of telling your story when words just ain’t enough. It’s about expressing feelings you sometimes can’t let out. Art doesn’t judge. Whoever you are or whatever form of art you love, it doesn’t care about race, gender, or religion. Art is open to everyone. .

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