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Jonathan Emery

"Poetic Essence"

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Currently incarcerated in Colorado.

"A Japanese woman with headdress, Red food dog mask, Cherry blossoms, Bracelet, Stippled daisy flower, Blue gown, An orange lotus as an add on to my signature. "

🎨 Description

9" x 12" | Strathmore 300 series / better-Bristol / Vellum surface: All

🖋 Artist's bio

My Name is Jonathan Emery, I’m 25 years old and I’ve been creating art since I was a child. I find joy in creating all styles of artwork and I continue to educate myself and pursue interests. This piece of work speak on the love and awe I find in oriental / Asian styles. I hope that you enjoy all works of mine: previous, current and that it inspires you!.

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