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Oscar Rodriguez

"Labor Day in ADX cell #209"

"Labor Day in ADX cell #209"

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“This is the view from my deskto my window. This is the way I roll up my matrress. And I fold my blanket (wool)...It looks a bit messy... But I sat on my mattress just to make it look more original. NE ways. On labor day... In cell #209... As I waited for lunch... I sat on my desk and kept thinking of those I love. I felt a little blue... I didn't know why I was feeling so down. I kept playing with my pencil... Then the sun got real bright. The sunlight in my cell was so bright I had to look towards my window. When I did, I started to smile because for some odd reason I know my family was enjoying that same some. I started to paint...This is what I created. These are all the colo I saw that day.”

⚖ Description

The artist is currently incarcerated in Colorado. He specializes in pastels.

All original artworks are created by artists previously or currently incarcerated. They use whichever materials they have access to, and prove creative ingenuity beyond the norm. These original paintings and drawings are born in the heart of a prison cell, from the hands of an outsider artist to adorn the walls of your space. Each art piece is a one-of-a-kind that not only enhances your interior but also makes you actively participate in reforming the prison and criminal justice system.

The incarcerated artist receives 50% of the sales proceeds. The artists set their own prices based on the costs of materials (it can vary greatly from one facility to another), the time spent on the piece, their experience, and simply - what they think it’s worth. Alongside with offering a financial outlet, we aim to empower their confidence and reinstitute their status as human beings - not a number behind bars. For most, art is an escape, a path to self-discovery and healing. Through art, they can reconnect with society so the gap is not so unbridgeable when they get out. Through the sales, they can stay connected with their families, afford daily commissary items, pay societal debts, relieve the economic burden on their loved ones, and save up for the release date. So they have the financial means to get ahead of reinsertion and get a fair chance at that second chance.

✎ Product Details

6.25" x 7" | Pastel on pastel mat paper

✑ Artist's bio

My name is Oscar Rodriguez, currently house at the ADX here at Florence, CO… A lifer… Honestly…I don’t consider myself an artist. Not yet… I got o much to learn. But, I’ll get there. See, where I am from…Art doesn’t exist. At least, I was blind to what art was (and still is!)… Art found me here at the ADX. I am serious! I used to trace cartoons for my loved ones… But a Lee Hammond book changed my life… Long story short…I started freehanding my drawings. This was just a start… One day I saw something that changed my life. A friend gave me a pastel painting for my mother. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was beautiful. I promised myself that one day I’ll be that good… But first… I needed to buy some colors to learn about colors… This is when a commissary staff member saw one of my drawings and well…He started talking about all these artists I knew nothing about. He asked me if I was interested in taking an Art class. Long story short…He’s the CAP program coordinator (Creative Art Platform). Once a week… We learned about art. From history to doing our own projects. See, there is no contact here so we did everything in cages… But we got to use brushes…canvas boards…things I’ve never used. So this painting is called “Once upon a CAP” because I can’t use Acrylics in my cell… No brushes…Nothing like that. It’s all a security concern. But I can still use pastels  Color pencils, graphite, oil pastels… So I am grateful… So yeah! Thanks to everyone involved in the CAP program. “As you can see, these are acrylic tubes that we were able to use once upon a time… I was the creator… the beginning and the end. The sketched out parts… It’s a representation of my struggles with the acrylics… I made more of a mess than anything. Just like my life. But for a moment… All I could see was my own universe in that blank canvas… The little soft pastel is because that’s me. I love pastels… The little abstract seen, it’s a newsstand in Downtown Los Angeles… The street light and steam coming out of the manhole… Only a few people walking around early in the morning. But, I remember that NEWSTAND was always busy… But the first time I saw a big beautiful piece of art… Was up in a building in Downtown LA.  I just want to show my gratitude to my family for supporting me… My BFF and well…I want to thank you CAP! “Art gave me a purpose in life”.

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