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Charles Winston

"Salvaging lost time" - Charles Winston

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Currently incarcerated in North Carolina.

"I’m trying to utilize the remainder of my time and use prison as a stepping stone to success."

🎨 Description

16" x 20" | Pencil on linen

🖋 Artist's bio

I’ve been incarcerated since I was 19 years old and when I first fell in the County jail I started drawing as a way to make money because at the time I had no support. Eventually drawing led to tattooing, carving, as well as sculpting and in 2019, an ex of mine made me my first Instagram account “Charles_Winston_91” which she later locked me out of when I was in solitary confinement for 180 days last year in 2020 after we broke up and she left me. I then met Emily around Christmas 2020 and she was instantly a fan of my art and made me a new instagram account “scratching_onthewalls” She is the one that actually sent me the application to your art contest and encouraged me to submit a piece. I draw on clothes and carve bars of inmate-manufactured soap, they are produced through correction enterprises at slave labor wages, 13 cents and the message is “I’m turning a piece of oppression into a piece of art!” Hopefully this year I’ll be selling T-shirts and other merchandise through red bubble if all goes well..I’m in a position where everything that I do I basically need someone’s help. I’m trying to utilize the remainder of my time and use prison as a stepping stone to success and build a loyal fan base/followers now so that when I am released in 2028 I’ll have the clientele to sell art, merchandise, as well as make money from tattooing. Also I’m a poet and I am trying to get published..maybe we can network together in the future? Thanks for giving back to the incarcerated community and believing in us. Respectfully .

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