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Chauncy Jewett

"Where beauty lies" - Chauncy Jewett

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Currently incarcerated in Iowa.

"I like how I can give a person in the free world a small look into mine."

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7.5" x 8.5" | Pencil on cardboard paper

šŸ–‹ Artist's bio

My name is Chauncy Jewett. Iā€™m 22 years old and have been in prison since I was 17 years old. Since being in prison I have done a lot of hole time being young and dumb. But, for the most part, any status is allowed at least a security pen and paper. Writing as well as drawing has always gotten me through some of my worst times. That is my escape. I can completely immerse myself in my work and forget about anything else around me for hours upon hours. In my current status, I am three years into a long-term Restrictive Housing program where we are locked down 24 hours a day, 3 showers a week, and one hour in a recreation cage 5 days a week. So, even though we are not allowed a pencil I do what I can to pursue my passion. I appreciate everything about my art even though I am my biggest critic. I like how it gives the rest of us back here something new to look at and talk about. I like how I can speak or tell a story without using words. I also like how I can give a person in the free world a small look into mine. .

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