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Rene Flores



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Currently incarcerated in Illinois.

"He [Rene] is a man with a few words but his art says it all.  From simple cartoon doodles to deep portraits he makes it come alive."

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Museum-quality giclée Epson matte paper | Sustainably sourced Ayus wood frame | Hanging hardware included

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My brother’s name is Rene Flores. He is 34 years old and has been incarcerated since 2013. Even though he is younger than me there was always something new to learn from him each day. He has always had a great caring personality. I look up to him because he showed me never to give up. He always liked challenges and believed there are always opportunities for improvement. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois it was difficult not to fall into the wrong path with gangs and violence. Ever since my childhood best friend introduced him to drawing he was captivated. Over the years, after erases and scratches, little by little his art kept improving, even up to this day. I cannot answer what art means to Rene, but I can tell you what his art means to me. With his art, you don’t just look at it, you feel it. You feel the joy and happiness, but you can also feel the pain that strikes. It’s crazy how one simple drawing can bring so many emotions. Every time I receive a drawing in the mail from my brother I know I’m going to be amazed. He is a man with a few words but his art says it all. From simple cartoon doodles to dep portraits he makes it come alive. It could be the fact that he has more time on his hands that he has improved but he has always been an artist. I believe art has become my passion by the way he expresses himself. Being incarcerated has been tough on him knowing he has been missing out on a lot. But, with the big heart he carries, he always puts a smile on my face when my daughters or I receive portraits and drawings on our birthdays and holidays. My brother definitely has a talent and I’m glad he is putting it to good use. “Life is beautiful” is one thing our mother would always tell us growing up. Yes, times got hard, but hope was something my brother never gave up on. Ivan Flores.

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