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Cheryl Sutton



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Currently incarcerated in Minnesota.

"[...] That is what motivates me - the knowledge that my art can inspire and be enjoyed by one and all."

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Museum-quality giclée Epson matte paper | Sustainably sourced Ayus wood frame | Hanging hardware included

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IMAGINE...A thriving, green vine with budding and blossoming chrysanthemums in brilliant pinks and oranges tipped with yellow, wrapping elegantly around a chiseled stone obelisk in the center of the room; the artist, with paint on her hands and face, and sweat on her brow. She steps back to admire her work. The depth of the color is so pleasing to the eyes, so realistic, you can smell them as if they are real. She has to sit with the wonder of it all. In a silent room, she speaks aloud, ‘Wow! Look at this. Just imagine how many people are going to sit and enjoy my beautiful artwork’. My name is Cheryl Sutton, also known as ‘The Razor’, and that is what motivates me - the knowledge that my art can inspire and be enjoyed by one and all. The story that I just had you imagine was not just a story; it is a memory. I am the artist, and The Obelisk is one of the many pieces of art that I have shared with the world. Art, to me, is more than just colors on a page or paint on a wall; it is my obsession and my way of life. I have been an artist my whole life. My mother is an artist, so talent thrives in me, but the talent that I was born with wouldn’t have grown if it was not for the pure joy, liberation, and passion I experience when I am creating. When I am drawing, it brings me to as different level, and the energy around me radiates, inspiring creativity to all that are willing to receive it. I am a driven, multi-faceted artist who loves to be mysteriously intriguing to the point that no matter what I am creating, you have to look..

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