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Mark Garza



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Currently incarcerated in Texas.

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Museum-quality giclée Epson matte paper | Sustainably sourced Ayus wood frame | Hanging hardware included

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Hi, I’m Mark Garza. Although I’m from Texas, I have lived and worked in Florida most of my life. In 2012, life choices and circumstances led me down a path that ultimately led to self-discovery and redemption. Over the course of nine years of incarceration, art has been the catalyst for expressing my emotions, obtaining a structured life and changing as a person in a positive way. I hope you can look at my past, not as a negative, but as a time of transformation. Timeless and straight forward best described my art. I often work with all media, but graphite, realism portraits and figures seem to be my strong points. I love doing powerful female faces with a lot of expressionism, masks, or geometric patterns. My art often reflects conspiracy theories, love lost and love gained, new beginnings, fear of death, and awareness that evil exists in this uncertain world. Recently, I’ve developed a personal interest in religious/free-lifestyle. I’m intrigued by things that have an abyss to these types of images. 2020 brought with it the outbreak of COVID – the unseen deadly plague. This global pandemic has had a profound impact on me and the trajectory of my life. It brought to the masses a new reality of feeling imprisoned both mentally and physically. Nine years of actual incarceration has prepared me to express these feelings and my state of mind captured in art. This piece is about the struggles of the pandemic during incarceration and current events that has impacted our country. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of this diverse group of artist. I’m also thankful for a supportive family and perhaps most importantly, Art for Redemption..

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